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  • A world of support

    A world of support

    Life IT specialises in support and consultancy for our customers' entire IT environments, no matter what the platform, applications and business objectives - providing a unified solution to tackle complex system requirements.

    Our flexible support contracts offer far more than the standard insurance provided through legacy maintenance agreements. Life IT customers are assured of the highest levels of availability for any eventuality, with our proactive approach to maximising system uptime.

    This unified solution saves our customers a significant amount of time and budget, with just one contract providing them with a whole world of support.

  • Support


    Life IT specialises in support for IBM POWER, IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft environments. We provide any combination of application, operational and technical support, no matter how current your environment is and no matter how long support is projected for. We tackle complex systems where a combination of requirements would normally mean that more than one party is required.

  • Domino


    Life IT provides a full range of Lotus Notes and Domino services, from administration and implementation through to application development and support.

    IBM Domino products provide a multi-platform foundation for collaboration and e-business, driving solutions from mail and instant messaging through to CRM and web based transactions.

  • System i

    System i

    IBM System i (formerly iSeries & AS/400) is one of the most flexible servers on the market today.

    As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Life IT have a powerful range of solutions and services, which enhance this flexibility to ensure your systems security and ensure high availability.

  • Development


    If, like many of our clients, you operate in a dynamic environment then you need a business partner who can update and modify your applications to meet your changing needs. We recognise that few organisations have a single development toolset. We offer our clients the widest range of skills and support including IBM, Microsoft and Java technologies.

    Whatever technologies you use we can get disparate systems talking to each other, better connect you with your customers and suppliers, reduce administration overheads and streamline processes.

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Update, Expand and Improve Your AS400 Environment with Bespoke Application Development

If you’re running an AS/400, System i or IBM Power Systems environment, you’ll already be aware of its impressive power, reliability and flexibility. But there will inevitably come a time when you’d like to do things in a way your current set-up doesn’t allow.

One of the benefits of AS/400 is that you can expand, upgrade and customise to suit the unique needs and demands of your business. However, without the specialist development skills you need to create new applications, you won’t unlock the full potential of your AS/400 installation.

Luckily, there are knowledgeable experts who can do this for you. Experts such as Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk). Their team of skilled technicians and programmers can help with all aspects of AS/400 installation, support and application development. Here are a few of the ways they can take your AS/400 environment to the next level.

Do even more by adding new features

Nothing stands still in business or technology, and it’s important to keep evolving in both. But as you evolve, you’ll find there are functions and tasks you need to perform that your current AS/400 server isn’t designed to do. But this certainly doesn’t mean you have to install a completely new system. With the help of an experienced support team such as Life IT, you can have bespoke applications developed to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Make more of what you have – improve performance

A great way to improve the performance of your AS/400 environment is by using the services of an application developer. They’ll tighten up, update and improve your set-up, resulting in a faster running, more stable working environment.

On the go access via web and mobile

The last few years have seen a huge advance in mobile and cloud technology, meaning access from an office-based desktop machine alone is no longer enough. Life IT’s skilled developers can produce bespoke AS/400 applications for web and mobile, keeping you connected when you’re on the move – a real necessity in the modern business world.

Why choose Life IT?

With extensive experience in bespoke application development using ILE RPG, Cobol, WebSphere, VB, JAVA, XML & Web Services, Life IT have the experience and skills to ensure your AS/400 environment works as hard as it possibly can for you. They offer their wide range of application development services UK-wide, so wherever you are you can benefit from their services.

Find out more about Life IT’s bespoke application development for AS400, and their other comprehensive and professional support services, at www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/system-i/.



Published Date: 25th February 2013
Category: IBM



Keep Your AS/400 Server Running Safely & Securely With Expert Support

Servers based on IBM’s AS400 infrastructure are among the most commonly used by businesses across the globe. Although System i and IBM Power Systems have officially superseded the AS/400 range, these servers are still often referred to by the AS400 name as it’s become a byword for quality, reliability and performance.

However, it’s inevitable that such a powerful server will need expert support from time to time, and this is where Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) comes in. They’ve been providing AS/400 support UK-wide for years – meaning they know its structure and capabilities inside-out. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a service contract from a supplier such as Life IT…

Knowledgeable support on all aspects of AS/400

Maintaining a server needs more than just knowing the hardware. To ensure the smooth running of your AS/400 setup, you’ll need to ensure your operating systems and applications are installed and running properly. Any errors could be disastrous – and diagnosing potential issues can require expert knowledge.

Whether you need support on AS/400 hardware, advice on operating systems or development of bespoke applications, Life IT can help. They’ll do more than provide support for your System i hardware – they’ll service your entire server environment.

Support for AS/400 models old and new

IT never stands still, and new technology races ahead at a breakneck pace. However, not everyone has the inclination or funds to upgrade to the latest machines. If you’re running older AS/400 hardware, you’ll need an experienced service provider with knowledge of your specific model – such as Life IT. 

And when you decide it’s time to upgrade your AS/400 server to the latest IBM Power Systems technology, you’ll need to ensure the process is as smooth and fast as possible. Remember, every second your server remains offline loses money. Life IT will make your upgrade easy, not only advising on the right hardware, but also installing the server environment and providing user training as required.

Flexible server support when you need it, how you need it

The level of AS400 support you require is dependent on your business needs. Office hours support may be perfectly adequate. Or you may need access to your support team 24/7. A good service provider will advise you on the best, most cost-effective service package for your needs.

Life IT offers a range of flexible support contacts to ensure you’re getting the optimum level of AS/400 server support. Their standard package includes office hours support, while their enhanced contract gives your round-the-clock support by phone, email or remote dialling.

For more information on Life IT’s UK-wide support services for IBM’s AS/400, System i and Power Server systems, including their flexible service contracts and bespoke application development, visit www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/system-i/.



Published Date: 20th February 2013
Category: IBM