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  • A world of support

    A world of support

    Life IT specialises in support and consultancy for our customers' entire IT environments, no matter what the platform, applications and business objectives - providing a unified solution to tackle complex system requirements.

    Our flexible support contracts offer far more than the standard insurance provided through legacy maintenance agreements. Life IT customers are assured of the highest levels of availability for any eventuality, with our proactive approach to maximising system uptime.

    This unified solution saves our customers a significant amount of time and budget, with just one contract providing them with a whole world of support.

  • Support


    Life IT specialises in support for IBM POWER, IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft environments. We provide any combination of application, operational and technical support, no matter how current your environment is and no matter how long support is projected for. We tackle complex systems where a combination of requirements would normally mean that more than one party is required.

  • Domino


    Life IT provides a full range of Lotus Notes and Domino services, from administration and implementation through to application development and support.

    IBM Domino products provide a multi-platform foundation for collaboration and e-business, driving solutions from mail and instant messaging through to CRM and web based transactions.

  • System i

    System i

    IBM System i (formerly iSeries & AS/400) is one of the most flexible servers on the market today.

    As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Life IT have a powerful range of solutions and services, which enhance this flexibility to ensure your systems security and ensure high availability.

  • Development


    If, like many of our clients, you operate in a dynamic environment then you need a business partner who can update and modify your applications to meet your changing needs. We recognise that few organisations have a single development toolset. We offer our clients the widest range of skills and support including IBM, Microsoft and Java technologies.

    Whatever technologies you use we can get disparate systems talking to each other, better connect you with your customers and suppliers, reduce administration overheads and streamline processes.

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How to Stop Your IBM Domino System from Failing, and What to Do if it Does

If you use IBM Lotus Domino to share and manage documents, you’ll know what a flexible, powerful system it is. But if unexpected issues or errors occur, and you don’t have Domino experts on-hand, who can you turn to?

Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) have been supplying businesses UK-wide with friendly, helpful, professional IBM Domino support for many years. They know Domino inside out, so whether performing system health checks or developing bespoke applications, their team of experts always delivers great results.

Here’s how Life IT can help ensure your Domino environment keeps running as smoothly as possible…

Minimise the risk of downtime with Domino monitoring

Performing regular services and health checks on your Domino set-up can help prevent potential issues becoming worrying problems.

Life IT can keep your server and Domino applications monitored. Once potential problems are spotted, you’ll be notified automatically. Depending on the severity, the system will either continue to be monitored or the problem will be escalated to Life IT’s Domino experts, who can then deal with the issue remotely.

There’s no need to have a Domino specialist on-staff, and no need to call out a technician to your premises – Life IT take care of everything.

Get immediate help in case of emergency 

Picture the scene. You’re working on an important project, remotely collaborating with several different parties. As always, deadlines are rapidly approaching. But something’s not right with your Domino environment. Replication is failing, preventing collaboration and stalling your project. And the clock is ticking. What do you do?

The answer: call Life IT. Their IBM Domino support service is available either during standard office hours, or 24/7, 365 days a year – ideal if you’re working into the wee small hours or with international partners across different time zones. Their expert technicians have the skill and know-how to get you up and running again quickly.

While your Domino environment is almost certainly stable and reliable at the moment, it’s not worth leaving it to chance – we all know that systems have a tendency to go down at the most inconvenient times, so it’s best to ensure you’re fully prepared for the unexpected.

Domino monitoring, support and more from Life IT 

Remember, no matter where you are in the UK, Life IT’s experts can monitor your Domino system and provide remote support servicing as and when you need it. Their skilled programmers can also develop bespoke applications for you – or update your existing Domino applications to add new functionality or improve efficiency and security.

Find out more about Life IT’s IBM Domino support services at www.lifeit.co.uk.


Published Date: 28th August 2013
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Don’t Install Microsoft SQL Server until you’ve Read This…

Don’t Install Microsoft SQL Server until you’ve Read This…

When it comes to getting Microsoft SQL Server running smoothly and efficiently, it’s all in the implementation.

Get your implementation right, and SQL Server is sure to impress you with its reliable performance and power. Do a SQL implementation badly and you won’t be making the best use of your time and resources – as well as leaving yourself open to security threats.

Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to best practices for a SQL implementation. As accredited Microsoft partners, their team of skilled experts can get your Microsoft SQL Server installation up and running quickly, securely and efficiently.

Here are just a few of the factors to consider during SQL implementation…

Which version of SQL Server suits your needs?

Microsoft produces several different variants of the SQL Server platform, each tailored for different uses and types of user, from the basic “Express” version to the full-featured “Datacenter” edition. Unless you’re an SQL expert, it can be hard to choose the one that suits you best. Experienced SQL support providers such as Life IT will choose the right version with the right features for you.

How do you configure SQL Server to work as hard as possible?

To ensure you’re making the most of your SQL Server installation, it’s important that it’s configured to make the best of your hardware – and to meet your own precise needs. By using the services of a certified Microsoft partner such as Life IT, you won’t have to worry about how to configure your installation – everything will be taken care of.

SQL implementation is complete and it’s running well – how do you make it stay that way?

Following successful SQL implementation, it’s important to continue to observe and review performance. Regular health checks and system reviews should be made, and your SQL Server set-up should be monitored closely by your database administrator. If your company lack people with the right skillset to do this, Life IT can provide expert SQL support – either remotely or on site.

What if things go wrong?

Although unlikely, disasters can hit even the healthiest, most closely-monitored SQL installations. If you need advice or support regarding SQL disaster recovery procedures, Microsoft experts such as Life IT can help you minimise data loss.

How do you upgrade hardware and/or software?

Again, if your internal systems team lack the knowledge and skills to migrate your Microsoft SQL Server to new hardware, or to upgrade to the latest versions of the software, there’s no need to worry. You can rely on the talented consultants at Life IT to provide help and support at every step of the way.

Discover more about Life IT’s SQL implementation and support services at www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/microsoft.


Published Date: 27th August 2013
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How to Make IBM Domino Work Harder, Better and More Efficiently

If your business uses IBM Domino, are you sure you’re getting the most out of it? You’ll already know that Domino’s collaborative tools are second to none, but chances are your Domino environment could be working so much harder for you.

To maximise Domino’s impressive power, you can have bespoke applications designed, developed and programmed just for you, meeting your precise requirements. But if you don’t have a IBM Domino programmer on hand (and why would you?) you may not know where to start.

As experts in programming unique applications for businesses worldwide, including many applications for IBM Domino, Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) can help. Here’s a quick look at what their specially-created Domino applications could do for your business…

Template applications for frequently executed tasks 

Whether you need to manage important documents, improve customer relationship management, enhance or implement an intranet or facilitate e-learning or training programs, Life IT’s team of experienced Domino developers can program the perfect solution for you, tailored to the exact specifications you require.

Access on the go with Domino BlackBerry applications 

Just because you’re stuck on a train, in a hotel room or away on business, it doesn’t mean work needs to stop! Life IT have developed many BlackBerry mobile applications for Domino access, and could do the same for you. This way, you can access and edit the files you need no matter where you are.

More powerful communication tools

As one of IBM Domino’s biggest benefits is its collaboration capability, it’s essential to facilitate quick and easy communication between any parties working on shared documents and projects. To enable this, Life IT can develop bespoke instant messaging and web conferencing applications for your Domino environment, helping you share information and ideas more easily – leading to faster working and improved results.

Update, improve and enhance your existing applications 

Life IT’s programmers can do more than just develop new Domino applications – they can also take your existing applications and improve them. From fixing bugs to optimising performance, adding new functionality to integrating with other applications, they can help your current IBM Domino programs work harder, faster and better.

Programmers fluent in many different languages 

If you need your bespoke IBM Lotus Domino applications to be developed in a specific programming language, that’s no problem. Life IT’s professional programmers are skilled in LotusScript, JavaScript, DECS, LEI, ODBC, WebSphere, XPages, XML and Web Services.

Get more from Life IT 

So if you work with IBM Lotus Domino, why not find out more about how Life IT’s programmers can help it work even harder for you? In addition to bespoke application development, Life IT also offer a wide range of Domino consultancy and training services, so whatever level of Domino support or development you require, they can provide it.

Find our more at www.lifeit.co.uk.


Published Date: 22nd August 2013
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