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  • A world of support

    A world of support

    Life IT specialises in support and consultancy for our customers' entire IT environments, no matter what the platform, applications and business objectives - providing a unified solution to tackle complex system requirements.

    Our flexible support contracts offer far more than the standard insurance provided through legacy maintenance agreements. Life IT customers are assured of the highest levels of availability for any eventuality, with our proactive approach to maximising system uptime.

    This unified solution saves our customers a significant amount of time and budget, with just one contract providing them with a whole world of support.

  • Support


    Life IT specialises in support for IBM POWER, IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft environments. We provide any combination of application, operational and technical support, no matter how current your environment is and no matter how long support is projected for. We tackle complex systems where a combination of requirements would normally mean that more than one party is required.

  • Domino


    Life IT provides a full range of Lotus Notes and Domino services, from administration and implementation through to application development and support.

    IBM Domino products provide a multi-platform foundation for collaboration and e-business, driving solutions from mail and instant messaging through to CRM and web based transactions.

  • System i

    System i

    IBM System i (formerly iSeries & AS/400) is one of the most flexible servers on the market today.

    As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Life IT have a powerful range of solutions and services, which enhance this flexibility to ensure your systems security and ensure high availability.

  • Development


    If, like many of our clients, you operate in a dynamic environment then you need a business partner who can update and modify your applications to meet your changing needs. We recognise that few organisations have a single development toolset. We offer our clients the widest range of skills and support including IBM, Microsoft and Java technologies.

    Whatever technologies you use we can get disparate systems talking to each other, better connect you with your customers and suppliers, reduce administration overheads and streamline processes.

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Need iSeries Support? Need Life IT!

Looking for professional support for IBM iSeries, AS/400 or System i? Look no further than Life IT! Their team of experts provides complete iSeries support services UK-wide, with everything taken care of. Here’s what they could do for you…

Support for your iSeries hardware
Your iSeries hardware will need expert support to ensure it continues to deliver the best possible performance. Life IT have dedicated IBM hardware experts on-hand, armed with the knowledge and skills you need to ensure optimum hardware performance.

Support for your iSeries operating system
We all know how temperamental operating systems can be, and how they occasionally don’t quite perform quite how we expect them to. Use an expert iSeries support service such as Life IT and their experts will be accustomed to the quirks and inconsistencies of the operating system you’re running, meaning they can quickly identify and resolve any issues.

Support for your iSeries applications
Issues with your iSeries environment may be software related. Your iSeries applications could need changes or workarounds, or simply you may need operational support. Life IT will quickly identify where and why your applications are causing problems, and work out ways to resolve them. On the subject of iSeries applications, Life IT’s team of developers can also develop bespoke applications, helping you work more efficiently with software tailored for your exact needs.

iSeries support for all models – no matter how old
Even if IBM have stopped supporting your iSeries hardware, operating system or software, that doesn’t mean Life IT have stopped supporting it. They’ll provide their iSeries support services for any iSeries, System i or AS/400 set-up, no matter how old it may be.

iSeries support for your iSeries support team
Perhaps you have an in-house support team for your iSeries environment. However, they may sometimes not have the time or lack the experience necessary to identify and repair issues you encounter. In these instances, you can call on Life IT’s iSeries support team to provide back-up to your in-house staff, helping to fill gaps in your teams availability or skill set. Remember, Life IT have experts specialising in iSeries hardware, operating systems and applications – so everything’s covered.

iSeries support delivered how and when you need it
Whether you need iSeries support by phone, email, remote dial-in to your server or in person on-site, Life IT can provide it for you. And while their standard iSeries support packages cover standard office hours, 24/7 iSeries support is an option if you need it.

Find out more about Life IT’s comprehensive iSeries support services at www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/system-i/system-i-support/.


Published Date: 27th January 2014
Category: General, IBM



The Benefits of Outsourcing Your AS/400 Technical Support

If you’re looking for professional AS/400 technical support, look no further than Life IT. They offer a wide range of UK-wide support and application development services for IBM’s AS/400, iSeries and System i platforms. Using Life IT is more effective than employing in-house AS/400 technical support – here’s why…

1. It’s more cost-effective than employing full-time staff
You might think it would be beneficial to have your AS/400 technical support in-house. However, chances are at the moment you’re watching every penny leaving the business. Can you really afford the luxury of in-house AS/400 technical support when you could make significant savings by outsourcing to IBM experts?

2. You get AS/400 technical support as and when you need it
Providers of AS/400 technical support such as Life IT offer their services at times to suit you. You’re likely to need support during standard office hours, which is why Life IT’s services are available from 9am to 5.30pm as standard. However, not all businesses keep traditional office hours, which is why 24/7 AS/400 technical support is available should it be required.

3. Technical support delivered your way
Whether by phone, by email, dialling in remotely or visiting on site, Life IT will provide the support you need in the way you need it, keeping your AS/400 environment running smoothly and efficiently.

4. Your AS/400 issues resolved by knowledgeable experts
Choosing a professional AS/400 technical support service means you’re getting decades of experience from highly trained technicians. Drawing on their vast knowledge, they’ll be able to troubleshoot and resolve your issues quickly and easily, keeping downtime to a minimum. You’ll have access to a team that know everything there is to know about AS/400 hardware, operating systems and applications – so no matter what the issue is, there will be someone who can diagnose and repair it.

5. Technical support for obsolete software and hardware
If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it! You may be perfectly happy with your existing AS/400 environment, but it may no longer be supported by IBM. Outsource your technical support to Life IT and that’s no problem at all – they’re happy to support AS/400 set-ups on older hardware running earlier versions of software.

6. Get expert advice when upgrading
Inevitably, at some point you’ll want to upgrade your current AS/400 or System i environment to the latest iteration of IBM’s iSeries platforms. Life IT’s AS/400 technical support service will offer you expert advice on the best hardware and operating systems for you needs – and they can even install it all for you.

For comprehensive AS/400 technical support from IBM experts, look no further than Life IT. Visit www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/system-i/system-i-support to learn more.


Published Date: 27th January 2014
Category: General, IBM