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  • A world of support

    A world of support

    Life IT specialises in support and consultancy for our customers' entire IT environments, no matter what the platform, applications and business objectives - providing a unified solution to tackle complex system requirements.

    Our flexible support contracts offer far more than the standard insurance provided through legacy maintenance agreements. Life IT customers are assured of the highest levels of availability for any eventuality, with our proactive approach to maximising system uptime.

    This unified solution saves our customers a significant amount of time and budget, with just one contract providing them with a whole world of support.

  • Support


    Life IT specialises in support for IBM POWER, IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft environments. We provide any combination of application, operational and technical support, no matter how current your environment is and no matter how long support is projected for. We tackle complex systems where a combination of requirements would normally mean that more than one party is required.

  • Domino


    Life IT provides a full range of Lotus Notes and Domino services, from administration and implementation through to application development and support.

    IBM Domino products provide a multi-platform foundation for collaboration and e-business, driving solutions from mail and instant messaging through to CRM and web based transactions.

  • System i

    System i

    IBM System i (formerly iSeries & AS/400) is one of the most flexible servers on the market today.

    As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Life IT have a powerful range of solutions and services, which enhance this flexibility to ensure your systems security and ensure high availability.

  • Development


    If, like many of our clients, you operate in a dynamic environment then you need a business partner who can update and modify your applications to meet your changing needs. We recognise that few organisations have a single development toolset. We offer our clients the widest range of skills and support including IBM, Microsoft and Java technologies.

    Whatever technologies you use we can get disparate systems talking to each other, better connect you with your customers and suppliers, reduce administration overheads and streamline processes.

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4 Benefits of Using Microsoft SQL Server (And Life IT’s Microsoft SQL Support)

So many businesses choose Microsoft SQL Server for their database management platform – but why?

As well-established experts in all things Microsoft SQL, Life IT strongly recommend it – and they can help you make the most of it with their high quality Microsoft SQL support services.

Here are four great reasons to choose Microsoft SQL Server – and four great ways in which Life IT’s Microsoft SQL support services can help you make the most of it…

1. Stability
Microsoft SQL Server is renowned for being one of the most stable database managements systems on the market, and it’s trusted by businesses across the globe to perform with minimal downtime.

How dedicated Microsoft SQL support can help: Regular health checks from an expert Microsoft SQL support provider will ensure potential issues are spotted and rectified before they become serious problems. Life IT can do this for your Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure, either on site or remotely UK-wide.

2. Security
As you’d expect from a market leader like Microsoft, the security on Microsoft SQL Server is first rate, with very few vulnerabilities. However, no platform is ever be 100% risk free, so some degree of knowledge is required to keep Microsoft SQL Server safe and secure.

How dedicated Microsoft SQL support can help: An expert provider of Microsoft SQL support such as Life IT can help with security at all levels. They’ll ensure the initial installation is carried out with all possible security measures taken, and will identify and rectify any vulnerabilities that may come to light, ensuring the security of your data at all times.

3. Ease of use
Another great benefit of Microsoft SQL Server is that it’s relatively user-friendly and easy to configure. However, to unleash its real potential, some expert knowledge will be required.

How dedicated Microsoft SQL support can help: This rather depends on what your in-house team are capable of. It may be that you need to use Microsoft SQL support services on a regular basis, helping with routine database administration tasks. If your team are more familiar with Microsoft SQL Server, you may only need to call upon Microsoft SQL support services for more major issues, or to help train your team on elements of the system they’re not yet familiar with. Life IT are happy to work in whichever way best suits you and your team.

4. Flexibility
Microsoft SQL Server is a very flexible database management platform, for which bespoke applications can be developed to improve efficiency and extend functionality.

How dedicated Microsoft SQL support can help: If your team lacks the time or expertise to develop applications for Microsoft SQL Server, you can commission a support provider such as Life IT for bespoke solution development, tailored to suit the exact needs of your business.

Find out more about how Life IT’s expert Microsoft SQL support services can help you at www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/microsoft/microsoft-sql-server-support.



Published Date: 5th March 2014
Category: SQL Support



SQL Support: 9 Reasons to Choose Life IT

When choosing a provider for SQL support, it’s important to give careful consideration to who you entrust with your system. It goes without saying that your database is a highly important part of your business, so keeping it up-to-date, accurate and easy to access is essential. Even if you have in-house SQL support on-hand, there will be times when you need to call upon professional SQL experts. And that’s where Life IT come in. No matter what level of SQL support your business requires, they can help you.

Here are nine of the many reasons to choose Life IT as your SQL support provider…

1. SQL support as and when you need it
All of Life IT’s SQL support contracts include service during office hours, but 24/7 support can be arranged if it’s necessary for your business needs.

2. Regular healthchecks
Healthchecks ensure your Microsoft SQL Server is running efficiently, catching any potential errors before they can do any damage.

3. Performance tuning
Your set-up may be running smoothly – but could it be even better? With Life IT’s SQL support service, they’ll get your system running at maximum efficiency, saving you time and money.

4. SQL database administration
Whether you lack an in-house database administrator, or you need more in-depth knowledge than your team possess, the experts at Life IT can help you with all your administration needs.

5. Upgrades to the latest software and hardware
If performance tuning just won’t cut it, you may need to upgrade. Whether it’s new hardware or the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server, Life IT’s support team will make the transition smooth and easy, keeping downtime to a minimum.

6. Bespoke SQL development
Life IT’s expert services go beyond simple SQL support. They can develop bespoke solutions for your exact business needs, helping you make the most of your data.

7. Disaster recovery
No matter how good your SQL support team, nothing’s ever foolproof. But using the services of Life IT’s certified SQL experts, you’ll have the best possible chance of recovering your data should things go wrong.

8. Life IT are accredited Microsoft Partners
As well-established Microsoft Partners, Life IT really know their stuff when it comes to Microsoft SQL Server.

9. UK-wide SQL support tailored for you
Whether you’d prefer your SQL support to be carried out on-site or remotely, Life IT can provide their high quality services UK-wide.

So for professional, expert SQL support from highly-trained, certified professionals contact Life IT. Find out more at www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/microsoft/microsoft-sql-server-support.


Published Date: 5th March 2014
Category: SQL Support