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  • A world of support

    A world of support

    Life IT specialises in support and consultancy for our customers' entire IT environments, no matter what the platform, applications and business objectives - providing a unified solution to tackle complex system requirements.

    Our flexible support contracts offer far more than the standard insurance provided through legacy maintenance agreements. Life IT customers are assured of the highest levels of availability for any eventuality, with our proactive approach to maximising system uptime.

    This unified solution saves our customers a significant amount of time and budget, with just one contract providing them with a whole world of support.

  • Support


    Life IT specialises in support for IBM POWER, IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft environments. We provide any combination of application, operational and technical support, no matter how current your environment is and no matter how long support is projected for. We tackle complex systems where a combination of requirements would normally mean that more than one party is required.

  • Domino


    Life IT provides a full range of Lotus Notes and Domino services, from administration and implementation through to application development and support.

    IBM Domino products provide a multi-platform foundation for collaboration and e-business, driving solutions from mail and instant messaging through to CRM and web based transactions.

  • System i

    System i

    IBM System i (formerly iSeries & AS/400) is one of the most flexible servers on the market today.

    As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Life IT have a powerful range of solutions and services, which enhance this flexibility to ensure your systems security and ensure high availability.

  • Development


    If, like many of our clients, you operate in a dynamic environment then you need a business partner who can update and modify your applications to meet your changing needs. We recognise that few organisations have a single development toolset. We offer our clients the widest range of skills and support including IBM, Microsoft and Java technologies.

    Whatever technologies you use we can get disparate systems talking to each other, better connect you with your customers and suppliers, reduce administration overheads and streamline processes.

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Technology Trends for 2016 with Life IT

As 2016 begins it seems an appropriate moment to look ahead to the technology trends for the coming year. In the Top Technology Trends video below, we see Steve Phillips outline and explain four IT trends that he believes will have the greatest impact on the enterprise in 2016, for customers and employees alike, each trend having wide-ranging application and benefits.

Steve is CIO at Avnet, Inc. the Fortune 500 company that markets, distributes and adds value to a wide variety of electronics components, enterprise computer products and embedded subsystems to a broad base of more than 100,000 customers.

As a major UK supplier of support and consultancy solutions Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) works with Avnet & IBM to keep in step with technological developments and industry trends.

Throughout 2016 we will be holding workshops to demonstrate how these trends can be applied within our customers business, for further information contact our team on 01625 548111 or email us via info@lifeit.co.uk.


Published Date: 26th January 2016
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Are you looking for an IBM I OS Upgrade Service?

Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/system-i/system-i-os-upgrade-service) provide technical support for IBM’s i system as well as other IBM and Microsoft systems. We are a well-established organisation providing high quality support from a team of experts with offices in the North and the South. So what can Life IT provide?

IBM i OS Upgrade Service

To take advantage of the latest features & functions and keep your system fully supported Life’s IBM i OS upgrade service offers a fully inclusive, co-ordinated solution which is geared to ensuring the success of the upgrade without disrupting your business. It’s a service that draws on the wealth of experience and expertise that comes from undertaking such projects on a daily basis.

End of support for IBM i 6.1 and 6.1.1

V6R1 was launched in March 2008 and IBM announced that IBM i 6.1 and 6.1.1 normal support ended on the 30th September 2015. For those customers still on 6.1 or 6.1.1 then it’s time to upgrade to version 7 and take advantage of some of the significant new security features.

V7R1 became available in April 2010, and V7R2 has been out since April 2014. To upgrade to V7R1 or V7R2 from V6 does not require the lengthy program conversion that was a requirement when upgrading from V5R4.

If you decide to stay on 6.1 then support is still available with Service Extension which is an extra fee in addition to your IBM Software Maintenance support (SWMA). Even with Service Extension, there are no more PTFs for V6R1 and support is on a best effort basis.

Upgrade Offering

We can offer to test the upgrade process on one of our servers running V7R1 or V7R2, and make the server available to your users for application testing. Once testing is complete we fully document an implementation plan of what we’ll do & how long it will take.

Service Extension for IBM i 6.1

Product and Version Type of Service Extension Extenstion Dates
IBM i 6.1 / 6.1.1 Combined Usage, Known Defect and New Defect 8×5 with Sev 1s 24 x 7 Start 1/10/2015End 30/09/2015


The Service Extension for 6.1, when added to the customer’s IBM i Software Maintenance coverage, provides:

  • Basic usage and problem rediscovery support for specified out of service product releases.
  • New and known defect report
  • Voice and electronic remote technical support –8×5 with 24×7 for Severity 1 only.

An upgrade to the most recent cumulative fix or PTF level may be required for problem resolution.

For more information please call us and speak to one of our experts on 01625 547979 or alternatively you can email us describing your requirements at info@lifeit.co.uk.


Published Date: 16th October 2015
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Life IT Provides System i Support and more…

System i is a well-known and widely used IBM system found in businesses worldwide. Whilst it is renowned for reliability there are always those times when things could be working more efficiently for your business or upgrading to keep up-to-date with IBM or integrating with your other in-house systems. Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) are on hand for all these services and more besides.

One IT engineer fits all!

With many years’ experience and a team of technicians who just love the challenges of integrating and improving the efficiency of systems within a variety of environments, Life IT are well equipped to support your IT requirements. Whilst we are specialists in the support of System i, at Life IT our services go beyond IBM technology. Our range of skills and depth of knowledge and experience allows us to support all your IT platforms, applications and hardware, so you only have to contact one IT engineer to help you with all your IT questions.

Choosing your level of System i support

At Life IT we recognise that different operations require a variable amount of IT support, depending on the demand on IT within the company, the level of your in-house IT and the complexity of your set up. That is why we have devised a selection of support packages for you to choose from. You can select ‘Technical Support’ for basic support during office hours, or we also offer ‘enhanced contracts’ and ‘systems down’ support which give you peace of mind by providing round the clock availability. Our engineers will provide advice over the phone, by email or remote dial in or obviously visit your site if required.

Life IT also offer a fixed price annual support contract enabling your company to outsource all System i Support or alternatively we can work in tandem with your own IT team.

Call off contracts offer maximum flexibility, but whatever your requirements we can provide you with a support service and contract to suit your specific IT systems and demands.

Of course Life IT can also assist with any system upgrades, but if you are running a legacy system we will support that too until the time is right for your business to move onto the next version.

To discuss your particular IT system support requirements please contact us on 01625 547979 or you can email us info@lifeit.co.uk and we will be able to advise you on the best package to suit your business operation.


Published Date: 16th February 2015
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Life IT – AS400 programming for reporting and data translation

Many companies across the UK use a variety of IBM technology to support their business on an operational and developmental level. Often the data collected and stored by IBM systems is key to the analysis and reporting of operations and sales. However, how many organisations actually get the best out of their AS400 systems? At Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) we believe in maximising the potential of all your IT capability to ensure you have the information you need at your fingertips to run your business at the highest level.

Life IT not only supports your business we help develop IT…

The technicians at Life IT make it their business to understand your business so they can facilitate the jobs of your employees, which inevitably results in greater job satisfaction and ultimately improved customer satisfaction. By comprehending the intricate structure and operation of your AS400 system within your organisation, we can provide solutions to make your operation work smoother and more efficiently, as demonstrated by many of our previous customers…

“Without the professional and expert support of Life IT, we wouldn’t have had the quality product we now have.”

“An instant reduction in ‘distress calls’ to the sales office as our sales managers can easily access customer data off line wherever they are and we’ve had positive feedback all round about the ability to update instantly on the road”

“The team ensured that they had a complete understanding of what we wanted our IT system to achieve, and was then able to deliver this through a professional, flexible service”

“As a business that handles thousands of transactions a day from 12 different own brand or white label websites it was vital that the whole process was seamless and on deadline”

Our life is IT and we love to rise to a new challenge

So you can see that no matter what your business focus, Life IT can help improve communication, transfer of information, data translation, reporting and more besides. Working with a variety of blue chip and medium sized companies throughout the UK we have the expertise and technical knowhow to be able to support your IT and take your AS400 functionality to the next level. Writing applications to extend your existing systems is our strength and we take pride in creating the best solutions for your business.

For more information you can look at our website – www.lifeit.co.uk or contact us and speak to one of our trained and experienced technicians on 01625 547979. Or alternatively you can email us describing your requirements at info@lifeit.co.uk.


Published Date: 16th February 2015
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Life Support?

Everybody today is so reliant on IT in all aspects of our life that when we are without it we feel helpless. With Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/microsoft/microsoft-sql-server-support) behind your business it really is as if you have ‘life support’. You can rest assured that you can continue with all your operations and systems, as Life IT can help to maintain all your IT needs from programming to development to support – keeping your business running smoothly.

Life IT support Microsoft SQL

In particular, Life IT support Microsoft SQL server databases and applications, with tailored solutions to suit your business and operational requirements. Plus by writing bespoke applications for your business, we can ensure that your systems are optimised, stable and secure as well as future proofed.

What does the Life IT Microsoft SQL support include?

Apart from involving highly knowledgeable and skilled IT technicians and programmers to support your operation and/or business management, Life IT support can also include:

  • Healthchecks
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Administration
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • Upgrades & Migrations
  • Application Development

With each of our customers we like to draw up a flexible managed support contract, which is a bespoke arrangement to ensure we are providing IT support for your company in the most efficient and thorough manner, at a level which is appropriate for your business.

Life IT are not just about IT though, we pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our customers and learning about your business, so that we can ensure a seamless service between our technicians and your analysts or IT department.

Getting the most from your Microsoft SQL Server

It is important that your business gains the maximum benefit from your Microsoft Server databases and applications. Life IT not only provide services to support your Microsoft SQL system, but we can also help with installation and/or upgrades. Our experienced IT certified consultants have expertise in planning, implementation, administration and application development. Whilst many large corporations have a substantial IT department, as indeed so do some smaller businesses, there are very few who have expertise in SQL server as it is a very specialist area. Life IT have that knowledge and experience whilst also understanding many of the time demanding processes and factors which impact on its operation.

To discuss your Microsoft SQL Server issues, upgrades or support call us and talk to one of our technicians on 01625 547979 or you can email us info@lifeit.co.uk.


Published Date: 24th November 2014
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Why you need an IBM AS/400 Technical Support Contract for your Company

A lot of people often ask why they need an IBM AS/400 technical support contract for their company. Justifying a Support Package to your Financial Director and other members of your team can be challenging. We are here to break down the reasons why your business needs Technical Support for your AS/400 system:

  • The services you get with AS/400 technical support include the resolution of any issues that happen with your server; meaning you and your team no longer have to worry about the system being down or the potential loss of productivity of your workforce.
  • AS/400 Technical Support includes security reviews; therefore your server is protected as you are pre-warned about any potential issues that may occur. Giving you the opportunity to be proactive, rather than reactive.
  • With our AS/400 Technical Support package upgrades and quick fixes are covered; so you can easily keep your server up to date and moving with modern technology at all times. Your business will never fall behind.

Plus here at Life IT we can offer you a diverse range of support services all in one support contract, including Domino, SQL Server, System i, and System P. If you want to invest in AS/400 technical support for your company then take a look at our website on www.lifeit.co.uk/support/technical/ or email us at info@lifeit.co.uk for more information.


Published Date: 29th August 2014
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Wilmslow based IBM premier business partner Life IT, has acquired Kelros Ltd to expand the range of IBM Solutions it provides to its customer base and to expand its applications business.

“The acquisition of Kelros brings together two significant IBM business partners, it complements and expands the range of technical solutions and professional services each company can offer clients, and creates one of the largest IBM messaging and collaboration teams in the UK ” explains Jill Sherratt, managing director, Life IT.

“Kelros has a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf business applications including 30 ready to use solutions for Web Content Management, CRM, Customer Services, Procurement, Human Resources, Quality Documentation and Reception Administration –  this part of the business extends our application business and opens up new markets to Life IT’s existing  business ”

Swindon based Kelros, was founded by Marc Garcia in 1996, since then the company has gained a reputation for the exceptional quality of its services and has been rated as IBM’s top Messaging and Collaboration License re-seller in the mid-UK market for three years running.

About Kelros

Kelros is an IBM Premier Business Partner which provides a range of technical solutions and professional services for IBM technologies including consultancy, development, data integration, training and Passport Advantage Licensing.



+44(0)1625 548111


Published Date: 10th June 2014
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The kind of support we all need – SQL support

We’re not talking about a pat on the back or friendly shoulder for you to lean on, but Microsoft SQL support! Life IT specialises in consultancy and support for our customers’ IT environments and offers customers bespoke support services which are tailored to your requirements in order to ensure that your system is both optimised and secure as well as being prepared for future upgrades and updates.

Life IT Support Services

The support services at Life IT include Health checks, Performance Tuning, Database Administration, 24/7 Monitoring, Upgrades and Migrations and Application Development.
These services provided can also be combined with a flexible management support contract which includes 24/7 monitoring so we are always there to help and support any problems that you may have.

If you want to see some customer comments about our SQL support services then take a look at the case studies on our website at www.lifeit.co.uk/about-us/case-studies.

We work with some market leading businesses such as Bentley, Yamaha, Center Parcs and Churchill and strive to ensure all their IT requirements are met.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us on +44 (0)1625 548111, email: info@lifeit.co.uk.



Published Date: 23rd May 2014
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A quick rundown of the SQL Language

Most people are unaware of exactly what ‘SQL’ is and what it was created to do, understanding this may mean you will have a greater knowledge of application development. Let’s start with the easy bit…

SQL stands for ‘Structured Query Language’ and is a special purpose language which was designed for sharing and managing data that is held on a management system. Using this you are able to query, update and reorganise data as well as create and change the structure of the database system.

The basis for SQL came from a researcher from IBM, Edgar F Codd who came up with the database model, from this in 1974 IBM began working on a new language for database systems and after testing in 1978 they started to development commercial products.

Having a basic understanding of SQL and what it can offer means you can begin to think about application development for your system. Using Microsoft Application development you can extend the life of your existing applications by simply updating them. This includes adding new features, extending functionality, integrating them into a new environment and lastly improving their performance.

Here at Life IT we can develop applications in a short space of time and on a tight budget as we deliver the highest technical standards using the latest development techniques therefore we are always one step ahead.

If you want to find out more about SQL Application development then go to our website and read more information about what we can do for you at www.lifeit.co.uk, or contact us on +44 (0)1625 548111, email: info@lifeit.co.uk.

Also you can read a couple of our testimonials below to gain an insight into our company and what our clients think of us.

“Without the professional and expert support of Life IT, we wouldn’t have had the quality product we now have. They gently but insistently pushed the boundaries of our assumptions, getting us to challenge our mind-sets.”

“Life IT offered us a complete solution to our IT issues the team ensured that they had a complete understanding of what we wanted our IT system to achieve, and was then able to deliver this through a professional, flexible service.”


Published Date: 23rd May 2014
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Why Expert System i Training Is Essential – And How Life IT Can Provide It

If you’re responsible for providing support for an IBM AS/400, iSeries or System i environment, you’ll know just how important the system is to your business. And chances are you’d benefit from some System i training in order to keep your hardware and software running smoothly and efficiently.

Or maybe you’re a System i user who wants to make sure you’re making the most of the system. But where can you find high quality training you can trust?

The answer: with Life IT. They offer System i training, support and bespoke solution development services UK-wide.

Here’s why it’s essential to have expert System i training – and why you should consider choosing Life IT as your training provider…

User training for improved productivity
Your System i users are almost certainly finding working in a System i environment a rewarding experience. But there may be things they could be doing faster or more efficiently. By making sure they’re using System i to its full potential, you’ll maximise productivity.

Fewer disruptions, less downtime
Ensure your administrators have in-depth knowledge of System i and they’ll be able to spot issues before they become big problems – which will minimise the chance of your system going down. They’ll also be able to get your system back up and running much faster after any crashes. System i training from Life IT can help get your team up to speed with best practices – as well as teaching them a few useful tricks they won’t find in the manual.

Less reliance on third-party support
For some businesses it’s entirely necessary to have third-party System i support (indeed, this is one of the many services offered by Life IT). But if you have an on-site support team, and they’re given thorough System i training, you can minimise the need outside suppliers.

Why choose Life IT for System i training?
There are so many reasons! First of all, as IBM Premier Business Partners, Life IT are knowledgeable experts in all things System i, iSeries and AS/400. What’s more, Life IT will tailor your System i training programme to the precise needs of you and your team, meaning you’ll get the best possible value for money – and a team who can work more efficiently and productively.

Courses from Life IT include systems operations, work management, client access, programming and many others, all designed to turn System i novices into knowledgeable experts and power users.

Find out more about Life IT’s high quality System i training programmes, all available UK-wide, at www.lifeit.co.uk/infrastructure/system-i/training.


Published Date: 30th April 2014
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