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Why you need an IBM AS/400 Technical Support Contract for your Company

A lot of people often ask why they need an IBM AS/400 technical support contract for their company. Justifying a Support Package to your Financial Director and other members of your team can be challenging. We are here to break down the reasons why your business needs Technical Support for your AS/400 system:

  • The services you get with AS/400 technical support include the resolution of any issues that happen with your server; meaning you and your team no longer have to worry about the system being down or the potential loss of productivity of your workforce.
  • AS/400 Technical Support includes security reviews; therefore your server is protected as you are pre-warned about any potential issues that may occur. Giving you the opportunity to be proactive, rather than reactive.
  • With our AS/400 Technical Support package upgrades and quick fixes are covered; so you can easily keep your server up to date and moving with modern technology at all times. Your business will never fall behind.

Plus here at Life IT we can offer you a diverse range of support services all in one support contract, including Domino, SQL Server, System i, and System P. If you want to invest in AS/400 technical support for your company then take a look at our website on www.lifeit.co.uk/support/technical/ or email us at info@lifeit.co.uk for more information.


Published Date: 29th August 2014
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IBM Power Systems and AS400 Support: A Quick Guide

There are several reasons why the IBM Power System i server is still one of the most popular range of servers in the world. It’s powerful, reliable, flexible, and has a distinguished lineage tracing back to the renowned AS400 range.

Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) are expert providers of a wide range of IT services, including IBM Power Systems support. Here’s their quick overview of IBM Power Systems and their professional support services…

What are IBM Power Systems?

Power Systems is the name of IBM’s line of Power Architecture servers. These days, the types available are based on the previous System i and System p models, but they’re still commonly referred to using their previous names: AS400, iSeries, RS/6000 & pSeries.

How do I choose the right IBM Power Systems server?

If you’re not sure which IBM Power Systems server is right for you, speak to an expert such as Life IT. Based on your requirements they’ll size and configure an environment that’s tailored to suit your business.

If I choose IBM Power Systems servers, how do I ensure they run smoothly?

First of all, ensure your server is installed by knowledgeable experts such as Life IT. And once you’re up and running, ensure you have a robust support plan in place.

Do I only need support when things go wrong?

Not necessarily. Of course, you’ll want to have access to knowledgeable technicians should something go awry, but it’s also recommended to run regular health checks on your server and to apply the latest PTF’s regularly. This way, you may be able to spot potential issues before they develop into real problems and take full advantage of new functionality.

I have a heavily complex, customised set-up. Who can I trust to provide AS400 support for it?

As IBM Premier Business Partners, Life IT are genuine experts when it comes to AS400 support. They know the hardware and software inside out, so no matter how complex your installation is they’ll be able to find, diagnose and repair any issues.

I am running an older AS400 and OS that’s no longer officially supported by IBM. Can I still get support for it?

You can with Life IT. They’re happy to provide their AS400 support services on legacy hardware and un supported versions of the operating system for as long as you need it. And once you decide it’s finally time to upgrade to the latest IBM Power Systems hardware and software, they can help with that too…

Find out more about Life IT’s wide range of AS400 support services – and their bespoke application development solutions for AS400 – at www.lifeit.co.uk/support.


Published Date: 15th November 2013
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How Can ILE RPG & Java Programming Help Your Business?

Does your business run an IBM System i, iSeries or AS400 environment? If so, have there ever been tasks you’d like to perform that your current business application lacks functionality for? For example are there any manual processes which you would like to automate. Developing bespoke applications can help – but where do you begin if you want to keep these applications on the System i server?

Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) are knowledgeable experts in all things System i – including support, admin and programming. Their IBM ILE RPG and Java programmers can code a tailored solution that’s ideal for your needs. Here’s how…

What is ILE RPG?

RPG is a high-level programming language used for coding business applications. Its history dates back many years – as far as 1959. The latest version, ILE RPG (or RPG IV) is a powerful language used predominantly to code applications for System i.

What could ILE RPG & Java programming do for me?

In a nutshell, using ILE RPG and Java you can code bespoke solutions for your System i environment.

Why do I need bespoke System i applications?

There are lots of potential reasons. Perhaps your business has changed and now works in a way that isn’t handled within the solution you have. Software tailored to your precise needs will help you work more efficiently, saving time and – ultimately – saving money.

What if I’m mostly happy with my current System i applications?

If you’re only “mostly” happy with them, an experienced System i programmer could extend and expand their functionality to the point where your applications are doing everything you need them to.

So if I don’t have the ILE RPG & Java skills , what can I do?

Speak to experts such as Life IT. Their skilled developers have over 20 years’ experience of coding for IBM environments, and they’ve carried out bespoke solution development for the System i server in a variety of programming languages – including ILE RPG & Java.

What can Life IT do for me?

Brief Life IT on what you need and their programmers will develop, test and install your bespoke System i solutions. They also offer a full range of support services for your System i environment – ensuring it’s working to its full potential.

How do I find out more?

Simple… to learn more about Life IT’s System i, AS400 and iSeries solutions – including their expert programming services – visit www.lifeit.co.uk/development.


Published Date: 23rd October 2013
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Life IT upgrade Doble’s IBM AS400 Server

Doble Quality Foods Ltd recently needed to upgrade their IT system:

to make internal processes and reporting quicker and more efficient, but had
concerns about the cash outlay that upgrading the system would normally
entail. By working with IBM Global Finance, Life IT were able to replace
Doble’s older IBM AS400 model 250 server running V5R3 to a System i Power 7 720
server running the latest version of the operating system. The payment was
spread over a 12 month period thereby providing Doble with a state of the
art system without the upfront financial outlay.

Ian Doble, Managing Director of Doble Quality Foods Ltd says: “We would
have found it very difficult to put the money to a new IT system rather
than, for example, a new truck in the current economic climate; spreading
the cost and getting the improved performance now makes a real difference
and allows improved productivity to contribute towards the cost. Life IT’s
ability to convert our software and show it running on their machine in
Manchester was a real clincher, and with the new system processes that
could take hours now take two or three minutes. Reports appear instantly
and day end now takes seconds leading to great improvements in

Life provides a wide range of technical consultancy services for all areas of System i. These services are delivered by our team of experienced IBM certified consultants ensuring you’re servers are resilient, secure and efficient.

To find out how Life IT and IBM Global Finance can help your business call
us today on +44 (0)1625 548111, email info@lifeit.co.uk or visit our
website www.lifeit.co.uk.


Published Date: 6th December 2012
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Life IT Center Parcs UK Group PLC’s IBM AS400 support Service Provider

The challenge: a robust and efficient support IBM As400 support service provider
In May 2006 Center Parcs UK Group Plc was sold to The Blackstone Group. Since
that time Center Parcs has gone through significant changes to deliver outstanding
results and are now pursuing expansion plans for a fifth holiday village at Woburn in

A restructure of the IT Department left Center Parcs with a resource gap to support their IBM AS400 server. They needed a third party provider to quickly and cost effectively fill the gap. The service needed to be flexible and robust, whilst providing expert technical know-how. Center Parcs found the solutions to their problems with Life IT.

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Published Date: 2nd October 2012
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