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How Can ILE RPG & Java Programming Help Your Business?

Does your business run an IBM System i, iSeries or AS400 environment? If so, have there ever been tasks you’d like to perform that your current business application lacks functionality for? For example are there any manual processes which you would like to automate. Developing bespoke applications can help – but where do you begin if you want to keep these applications on the System i server?

Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) are knowledgeable experts in all things System i – including support, admin and programming. Their IBM ILE RPG and Java programmers can code a tailored solution that’s ideal for your needs. Here’s how…

What is ILE RPG?

RPG is a high-level programming language used for coding business applications. Its history dates back many years – as far as 1959. The latest version, ILE RPG (or RPG IV) is a powerful language used predominantly to code applications for System i.

What could ILE RPG & Java programming do for me?

In a nutshell, using ILE RPG and Java you can code bespoke solutions for your System i environment.

Why do I need bespoke System i applications?

There are lots of potential reasons. Perhaps your business has changed and now works in a way that isn’t handled within the solution you have. Software tailored to your precise needs will help you work more efficiently, saving time and – ultimately – saving money.

What if I’m mostly happy with my current System i applications?

If you’re only “mostly” happy with them, an experienced System i programmer could extend and expand their functionality to the point where your applications are doing everything you need them to.

So if I don’t have the ILE RPG & Java skills , what can I do?

Speak to experts such as Life IT. Their skilled developers have over 20 years’ experience of coding for IBM environments, and they’ve carried out bespoke solution development for the System i server in a variety of programming languages – including ILE RPG & Java.

What can Life IT do for me?

Brief Life IT on what you need and their programmers will develop, test and install your bespoke System i solutions. They also offer a full range of support services for your System i environment – ensuring it’s working to its full potential.

How do I find out more?

Simple… to learn more about Life IT’s System i, AS400 and iSeries solutions – including their expert programming services – visit www.lifeit.co.uk/development.


Published Date: 23rd October 2013
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