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Technology Trends for 2016 with Life IT

As 2016 begins it seems an appropriate moment to look ahead to the technology trends for the coming year. In the Top Technology Trends video below, we see Steve Phillips outline and explain four IT trends that he believes will have the greatest impact on the enterprise in 2016, for customers and employees alike, each trend having wide-ranging application and benefits.

Steve is CIO at Avnet, Inc. the Fortune 500 company that markets, distributes and adds value to a wide variety of electronics components, enterprise computer products and embedded subsystems to a broad base of more than 100,000 customers.

As a major UK supplier of support and consultancy solutions Life IT (www.lifeit.co.uk) works with Avnet & IBM to keep in step with technological developments and industry trends.

Throughout 2016 we will be holding workshops to demonstrate how these trends can be applied within our customers business, for further information contact our team on 01625 548111 or email us via info@lifeit.co.uk.


Published Date: 26th January 2016
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